Students Testimonials


Bharathi is a dancer with all of her heart and open for new ideas.

Bharathi is a dancer with all of her heart and open for new ideas. Therefore I am really enjoying her lessons and happy to be one of her students. It is not only about learning classical Indian dance, but she also let us understand the meaning behind it and enjoy the dance….


I feel very much at Home with Bharathi

I feel very much at home with Bharathi because as she is an Indian who loves Peter Alexander and Bavarian dirndls she understands so well that I, as a red-blond German, love Shahrukh Khan and Sarees. Her Classes are so wonderfull because she adapts the demands of concentration and physical efforts to the limit of each student. She demands and encourages everybody to her own extent according to her educational background, talent and strength. As different levels are taught more or less together she evokes a comfortable feeling of solidarity. No one is overstretched, and no one gets a bad deal. Additionally, I appreciate her warm, relaxed, and open-minded nature. So if you enter her lessons tired and strained by daily routine you’ll certainly leave it cheerfully and happily with red cheeks.“



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