Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu
Guru Devomaheshwara…
Guru Saakshaath Prabhramha
Tas mai sree gurave namaha

Guru Akondi Rama Krishna is a talented teacher in Kuchipudi and Bharatha Natyam styles in Vishakhapatnam since more than 25 years. Her best student Kumari Swetha has achieved the highest title called Bala Ratna. Since 1998 Bharathi is taking special courses in Bharatha Natyam and Kuchipudi from the Guru Akondi Rama Krishna. She has introduced many new techniques in the above mentioned dance styles.

Bharathi Avireddy:

A Professional Solo Dancer and Teacher in Indian classical dance Bharatha natyam and Kuchipudi… Bharathi Avireddy was Born and brought up in Vizianagaram, in the State of Andhra Pradesh (INDIA). Born into the family of a classical music Mr & Mrs. Avireddy youngest daughter, fourth among five siblings. Her mother is a singer and Violinist. Bharathi Avireddy moved to Germany in the year 1994 with her husband and continued to pursue her interest in Dance just not by performing but also started giving Classes since 1997. She is called the best teacher among her students while she gives the students more flexibility to learn different forms of art just not Kuchipudi or Bharathnatyam … As she believes art is Divine and Divine is Love.. Anything which done with a loving heart in the form of art is appreciated. This makes her to also excel in the form of Folk, & Fusion dances.

Bharathi’s Orchestra :

Bharathi is supported by her family members always. As a child she got the support to learn and now they support her with the music that she needs for her program’s and shows. Avireddy Ratnamala is her eldest sister of Bharathi Avireddy, who supports her with her Veena, a String instrument, Avireddy Satya Vishal, who is her eldest brother supports with his violin instrument, Avireddy Vijayasree, who is her second sister supports her with her voice and violin.

Bharathi’s Creativity :

Bharathi likes to work together with artists of other professions too. She is working with the Brazilian and Oddissi ( an another Indian classical dance style from the state Orissa) Dancer Eduardo Laino www.laino.de, (see “Indien”). She worked in the year 2002 with the theater group called “Teatro d’ Arte scarello” which belongs to Anita Steiner and Gian Andrea Scarello www.teatroscarello.de, where she played the role of the Indian Isabella. At present she is working together with the famous Bollywood dancer in Germany Preetham Kumar Boda Vittal www.preethams.de. Together with him she is choreographing Kuchipudi-dances semi-classical dances, Folk and Fusion dances.


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